Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh Canada

By Beverley Joselin

We constantly hear about the diversity of Canada. It feeds our love and pride in what we experience daily. One of the greatest satisfactions in Canadian life is the diversity in music.
    From south to north, east to west, the richness and variety gives us great chances to experience our musical differences. The throat singing of the north meets the colourful French Canadian songs. The vigour of Celtic music in Newfoundland and the Maritimes gives us foot-stomping joy.
      The big cities introduce us to music from afar and young stars in the making. The latest Drake, Justin Beiber or Rufus Wainwright provide many choices along with many bands new and old as they tour our country and give world wide tours.
    We have the classical works of Healy Whillan for choirs and the likes of Ruth Watson-Henderson composing operas. And of course we have world renowned opera singers and more and venues to hear them perform.
    Storytellers like Stan Rogers, Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot spread Canadian history beyond our borders much like the Hamilton Children’s Choir in Scotland and the Central Presbyterian Church Choir in Oxford and St. Paul’s in London.
    Randy Bachman and Gord Downie are great examples of how music can spread the word of our wonderful country.
My heart nearly bursts when there is the gentle reading of our National Anthem at the citizenship ceremonies and the gusty outbursts of Oh Canada at Hockey and Baseball games.

    Now, that is Canadian diversity eh?    

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  1. What a beautiful and well-written tribute to Canadian music!
    Love you mom,